Hold-My-Hand Sleep Coaching Package

Hold-My-Hand Sleep Coaching Package

Transform child's sleep through my expert support and signature, customized process.

As your personal “sleep detective”, I provide you my tenured, expert guidance and full-service support to get your family where it needs to be: well-rested. Because each family and child is unique, I analyze every detail with you and everything is based on evidence-based methodology. The result is customized, guilt-free, and gentle sleep coaching process that results to BLISSFUL sleep for you all.

The Hold-my-Hand Sleep Coaching Package Offers a Complete Family Sleep Transformation:

  • A gentle, attachment-focused and reassuring approach to sleep coaching that minimizes tears and frustration for child and parents.
  • Guilt-Free sleep coaching builds your parent-child bond and promotes good sleep habits.
  • Personalized guidance and ongoing live p hone support to help you tenderly teach "the skills of sleep" by adjusting your plan, step-by-step and day-by-day to meet the child's needs and increase accountability and success with your individual sleep plan.
  • My tenured expertise, extensive resources, and ongoing live phone support constitute an evidence-based, proven system for lasting results such as:
    • Smooth, drama-free bedtime routine…in other words, NO crying-it-out.
    • Quiet, peaceful nights with uninterrupted sleep for child and parents
    • Predictable and reliable naps so baby wakes up happy
    • Confidence and collaboration and less stress for easier parenting and joyful days
    • Feeling united and in alignment with your partner and parenting values.
    • Increased adult free time and energy, for you and as a couple
  • It's a Worry-Free & Guilt-Free process that includes a SLEEP SUCCESS GUARANTEE!

"I like to think of Joanna as another member of our birth team. It made a huge difference to get support from our pediatrician, midwife, and lactation consultant after our baby was born, and likewise it made a significant impact to have a knowledgeable resource and support person to assist us with sleep health. Our baby has learned key skills and we are all getting the sleep we need, so our whole family is functioning at a higher level, in better health and better moods. We will definitely work with Joanna when our family expands."

-K. White, CA, Child was 6 months old at time of guilt free-gentle sleep coaching

The Hold-my-Hand Sleep Coaching Package Offers The Following:

Two-hour Private, Recorded Virtual Consultation to fully discuss your family’s “sleep story.” 
    Success and collaboration entail really knowing your child and your parenting values and goals. Expect:

  • A thorough case history in-take and evaluation of your child's current sleep habits, behaviors and concerns
  • In-depth review of your child's temperament as it pertains to sleep
  • Detailed discussion and education of gentle and developmentally appropriate solutions and methodologies best suited for your child's individual sleep issues and your family's sleep goals and values
  • Virtual review of nursery and specific suggestions on how to prepare the environment and your child for sleep success
  • Breastfeeding insight: all Gentle Sleep Plans include information on how to protect and maintain the nursing relationship and breast milk supply

Step-by-step written sleep plan: You’ll receive a written report outlining your customized Sleep Plan

  • A recommended daily schedule based on the goals, values, and family logistics that we discussed in our Sleep Consultation.
  • Provide you current and thorough sleep science information as pertains to your child’s age and temperament, as well as an overview of cognitive and physical developmental stages.

Live Coaching is when MAGIC Happens: Full Access and Accountability with Expert Coach

    Because the learning arc of every child is different, I am your dedicated “Sleep Detective” analyzing the sleep log data
    and offering you specific step-by-step guidance in our frequent, LIVE coaching calls.

  • We communicate nearly EVERY DAY once you begin night-time coaching 
    • Live coaching calls to give you science- and evidence-based sleep coaching guidance and step-by-step directions from a tenured, a tenured, expert coach who provides accountability. 
    • Continued customization of the pace and methodology during calls of 15-40 minutes in duration (live coaching duration not to exceed 4 hrs)
    • Real Data=Custom approach. In-depth daily review of your sleep logs to evaluate progress and pace and provide step-by-step, day-by-day adjustments and suggestions on how to navigate all situations. 
    • Create lasting success and sustainable habits with the deep, personalized learning in our live sessions.

Private Client Portal & Resources:

  • All communication through the portal is password protected and secure
  • Private Client Portal keeps you organized so you can retrieve what you need when you need it for peace of mind and faster results
  • Recording of every session so you can access and revisit the material for deeper learning 

Access to me for “just in time” coaching:

  • As your sleep detective, I provide access in between phone calls via a private client log that offers robust communication and organization. All your questions will be answered, and everything is organized in one place to make life easier.

Summing it Up: Your Child’s Sleep Transformation includes specific, customized guidance on “best practices” to prepare
    and maintain sleep coaching success.

  • Clarity equals confidence. When parents are well-informed and all their questions about their unique situation have been answered, parents feel ready-to-begin and continue with a “united front” that eliminate doubt, guilt and worry. 
  • Confidence creates consistency. There is great personal power in knowing exactly how to appropriately and gently attend to your child at each and every sleep cycle from bedtime to every arousal in the night. 
  • Preparation produces perfection because the child is prepared and ready to adjust to the sleep plan, step-by-step and day-by day for lasting results.


Your Sleep Investment: For A Family Sleep Transformation for One Child

  • Two payments of $548 
  • Pay in full and receive a discount 



Book your complimentary 30 Minute Sleep Strategy Session Today to see if guilt-free, gentle sleep coaching is the right fit for you and your family

Over 800 families have said YES and enjoyed a 100% success rate!

Sleep Success Guarantee: I am confident in my signature process, expertise, and the gentle sleep coaching process. I do offer a guarantee, however. If within the first 7 days of activating the sleep plan, you’re actively participating in daily live coaching calls, consistently following the sleep plan, and submitting all daily logs, yet decide that Gentle Sleep Coaching is not working for your family, I will reimburse you for the remaining time left of your sleep package.